2016 Policy Accomplishments

MBA continues to advocate in Washington, DC and in state capitals on behalf of our members and the real estate finance industry. Our notable 2016 achievements:


TRID First Year

Led advocacy and education efforts — notably securing a CFPB proposal intended to amend and clarify key rule components. 

Increased Transparency & Clarity

Worked exclusively with FHFA and the GSEs to increase the transparency and clarity of their Reps & Warrants. 

Market Liquidity

Pressed against numerous regulatory actions that would have stifled market liquidity in real estate finance. 

Loan Officer Licensing

Passed H.R. 2121 in the House allowing transitional licensing of LOs; and increased adoption of the Uniform State Test. 

Averted FHA Admin Fee

Prevented inclusion of an FHA administrative fee in non-appropriations federal funding — a cost consumers would have needlessly borne in FY2016. 


Secured exemptions for Multifamily Lending and for Independent Mortgage Bankers in the SEC and FINRA’s TBA margin rule. 

Life After HAMP — The Future of Loss Mitigation

MBA’s One Mod proposal for streamlining loan modification was adopted by FHFA and the GSEs.

Reduced Multifamily Premium

Secured reduction of mortgage insurance premium for FHA multifamily loans on affordable rental properties. 

Provided Greater Flexibility

Worked with FHFA to provide greater flexibility in the production caps that govern GSE multifamily activities. 


In 2017 we will work with the new Administration, Congress and policymakers to ensure they understand and are responsive to goals that are paramount to our industry.

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